Langford Ranch News

Our Goal is to Raise the Best Hereford Cattle You Can Buy Anywhere!
BR DM TNT 7010 ET       Reg # 42827974

BW: +2.2     WW: +67     YW: +111     MM: +21
M+G: +55  CalvEase: +6.0  Scrotal: +0.9  Fat:  -0.044
RibEye Area:  +1.11  BMI: +$22  CEZ: +$17  CHB: +$37

These are Extrodinary Numbers.

TNT was Calf Champion in Denver & Ft. Worth!
Now without question, a proven sire of Champions!
TNT is Trait Leader in Eight (8) Traits !!

TNT sired the Grand Champion Bred & Owned Heifer,
shown by Kirby Day at 2012 Junior National Show and

TNT sired the Res. Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair
shown by Rylee Barber at 2012 Junior National Show

TNT Daughter National Champion Cow/Calf at both

2013 National Western and Fort Worth Stock Shows.

Owned with Barber Ranch             Semen Available
TNT1017, is one of our favorite young TNT
 He's full of meat and eye appeal. He has those
curve bending EPD's, a docile nature, and is easy
fleshing. No trouble calving our first calf heifers this spring
with calves out of 1017.           Semen Available.
Winning with Langford Heifers !!:
Kristin Gilroy, Morris, OK, Class Winner and Division
Champion with Langfords Twisted Sister heifer at OK
Youth Expo 2014 !!

Four Heifers from our Event 2013 Sale were Class
Winners  & two were Division Winners at the National
Hereford Show in Louisville Nov. 2013

angford's Lady 2030 ET Class Winner and
Res.Champion Division at Texas State Fair 2013 shown
by Isaac Mason
Langford's Lady 1325 ET Won her Class at American
Royal National Hereford Jr. Show in Kansas City 2012
owned by Elise Hackett, Tuscola, IL.

Langford's Lady 1277 ET Won her Class and was Res
Division Champion at the American Royal National
Hereford Jr. Show in KC 2012, owned by Anna Krieger,
Universal, IN.
LH Miss Bailout 1137 ET, shown by Cash Langford in KC
placed 2nd. Congratulations, Anna, Elise and Cash!
Congratulations to Elise Hackett  winning in Illinois and
Iowa recently, and Reserve Grand Champion Kentucky
State Fair

Congratulations to Kristin Gilroy, Reserve Champion
Hereford at Okmulgee County Fair! & Regional Show
Congratulations to Cash Langford, Reserve Champion
Supreme Heifer at Okmulgee County Fair
Greg Holmes wins 2013 Grand Champion Bull Ozark
Empire Fair in Springfield, MO and MO State Fair in
Sedalia, Mo.

Bulls, Bulls, Bulls....

The market price for your old bulls is just stunning!
This is a great time to trade those older bulls for younger

It's time to turn out those bulls now for fall calving and
we have 85 + for you to choose from.

Good Do'in, Good Dispositions,
Fertile and Lots of Added Pounds in Your Calves!

Come see our bulls any day...there's always

someone here to show you around.  
We have lots of bulls to see and choose from.            
LH TNT 1017        Reg # 43199794
BW: 2.3 WW: +60  YW: +95  MM: +23  
Buyers from: TN, TX, OK, NE, NM, AR, LA, MT,IN, KS, OH,
IA, IL, MN, ...oh my...that's 17 states! Just goes to show-ya
that folks from everywhere love Hereford Cattle!
Langfords 2020 Vision!   Wow!
Owned with Whispering Pines & Albin Farms
Kyla Copeland, Focus Marketing Group, has taken all our cattle photos and videos this year for our website, magazine ads and catalogs. We gratefully
acknowlege her and Focus Marketing Group's expertise, professional and timely production. In other words, Kyla can make it happen!!  And we thank her!!
2020 Vision has some stunning ET calves on the ground
here this spring! They are definitely "Stand Out" calves!
Vision has grown and matured -- ask to see him and his
calves when you visit
"The Event 2013 " Sale...A Huge Success
Cash showing Champion Division Winner:
Langfords Cinderella
at AHA Jr. Nationals 2013, in Kansas City.
TNT:  Sire of Champions!
Langford Hereford Bulls are
Putting More Pounds on the Ground
in Producer's Pastures !!

Watson judged the National Hereford Trials at Expogan,
in Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico recently. He
enjoyed meeting and visiting with fellow Hereford
Producers in Mexico. He also judged the Salier and
Braford National Shows.
All the strong Hereford traits: Good Disposition, Good
Feed Conversion, and Fertile, Sound Structured long
lasting Bulls are making a positive economic impact for
our Buyers.
Plus, you get that great Baldie calf  eveyone wants.

We have over 90 Bulls ready for service now. We sell
bulls every day year 'round. So if you get one of your herd
bulls injured and need a replacement, just call
Always Happy to Hear from Buyers...
Here's part of an email we got today from a buyer:
"Hi, I purchased LH Standard Lad 8071 from you when he
was young. This is just a note to show you what wonderful
calves I am raising out of him. All of my first calf heifers
have calved with no problems and the calves have a good
growth rate. Thank you for selling a nice bull to the cow
woman who wanted champagne on beer prices!"

Feedback like that makes everything worthwhile!!
November 21, 2013, our Limestone Bull was Grand Champion
Bull at the National Hereford Show at the North American
International Livestock Show in Louisville,
KY!   We own
Limestone with Whispering Pine Farms in MN and Kreiger
Farms in IN.

Plus, four heifers sold in our Event 2013 sale in October were
Class Winners and two were Division Champion and Res
Champion Winners.

We were in Como, MS, for the Grand View/ McKellar Dispersal
sale of over 800 head of great Herefords.
Together with
partners Stehr, Harrison and Sladick, we purchased a
once-in-a-generation bull calf, "Times Up
A152". Express
Ranches, Yukon, OK, then purchased  Times Up dam for
$65,000. You could feel the excitement in the auction arena!

Watson is offering semen packages for sale. And at only ten
months of age,
Times Up already has semen in the tank at REI
& Genex !!

From the March, 2014 Hereford World  

"Hereford Bulls National Sale Average was

$4,709 in 2013"
Here's Times Up!   Lots of buzz About this Bull!!
A Limited number of Semen Packages available.
We are surely looking forward to his first calves!
Owned with Stehr, Harrison, McKellar and Sladek.
GV CMR X161 Times Up A152
B. 1-20-13  Reg #43381906
The Cow Town Lights Fall Heifer Sale March
29th, 2014, was a big success for Langford

We sincerely appreciate the Barber Ranch family extending an
invitation to us to be a part of this Special Heifer Sale.

We expect to see many of these heifers from the sale to be in the
Winner's Circles in upcoming shows!

Thank you to all the buyers of our heifers!! Keep in touch!! The
heifers you purchased are the Cream of the Crop...the very best
of Hereford genetics. These heifers are potential show winners,
herd builders and future donor cows.

Congratulations for purchasing some of the Very Best the Breed
has to offer!!
Reg#43381906  *  Polled  *  Born: January 20, 2013.
Act.BW: 80 lbs.  Sired by: RST Time's A Wastin' 0124
Dam: Grandview CMR MS 4003 X 161
CE: +2.0  BW: 1.7  WW: 49  YW: 79  MM: 29  M&G: 53
SC: 0.6  Fat: -0.009  REA: 0.52  Marb:

Times Up was purchased in the Grandview CMR
Dispersal Sale, November 8 & (, 2013, Como, Mississippi
for $115,000. Express Ranches, Yukon, OK, purchased his
Dam for $65,000.

RST Time's A Wastin'0124, The 2013 National Western
Stock Show Supreme Champion Hereford!  He sired the
Reserve Spring Calf Champion Female, in Denver 2013.

n Denver, 2014, Times Up was Reserve Champion
Junior Bull Calf.

Amazingly fertile, Times Up was collected at ten months of
age and the collections were successfully frozen and
successfully resulted in embryos. Currently, he is being
certified for export.

A limited number of semen packages are available. Call
Watson: 918-706-7028, or any of the owners listed above.

You'll be hearing more from Times Up and Time Goes By!!
Kriegers Mr Limestone Z1 ET
Welcome to our Website!
We invite you to visit often and see what's
happening here at the ranch.
One of last year's bull buyers called recently
and said he put the yearling bull he bought
from us last year in with an older brangus
bull and 41 cows...And now he has 37
baldie calves!!
 He said he was coming
back for another bull soon!
Geoff Andras and Cash Langford went to the Stock Show U
in Poteau, OK. April 5, 2014.

Geoff was the official "Professor" at this Event. He is
one of the very best Show Barn Manager/Fitter/& Showman
CowTown Lights
'14 Fall Heifer
Sale Ft Worth

Dustin Layton
Auctioneer and
Sale Mngr.

Watson,Geoff, &
Cash visit with
Allen Henderson,
Alberta, Canada
at the sale.
Leon Delivered 9 bulls to Strand Ranch